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Train with Reducept

All beginnings are difficult, is what they say. Well, that’s not the case with Reducept. You have to trust us when we say you don’t need a personal trainer for your first Reducept training. You can do this on your own! It’s just that simple.

When you order a Reducept subscription with us, you need a Virtual Reality headset to be able to use it. After you order we will send you to the page where you buy the right glasses.

VR glasses and phone

Virtual, er, what now?

Put your VR headset on and enter a completely different world in Virtual Reality (VR). Your brain is immediately convinced that you entered a new environment. Now your brain believes it is somewhere else, Reducept can really get started! 


illustration of a person seeing a vr world

Your first workout


vr glasses icon

Charge your Virtual Reality headset (good luck going to the gym without any energy).


Download icon

Put on your headset, go to the store and download the Reducept training app.


start flag

Open the app and start!

How does it work? We bet you want to start right after watching this video.

Start with Reducept

Take control over your pain whenever and wherever

What do people love about Reducept? You can literally train whenever and wherever you want to. Just install and open our app, put on your headset and you’re ready to go! It’ll only take you ten minutes a day.


Illustration of a person pain free after using Reducept

Life is better without pain

Playing with your dog, changing the sheets or being able to reach the top shelf in the supermarket without experiencing pain… We are pretty sure we don’t have to convince you: life is a lot better without pain. With Reducept you use Virtual Reality to work on your new reality: your world without pain.


Man with child playing by the sea


How to train your pain?

  • 10 minutes of training a day
  • Science-based pain treatment
  • Anytime and anywhere available (unless you’re driving)
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